Year-Round Tips for Smooth Boiler Operation

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As CJT Services, a provider of gas boiler service in Belfast, we recognise the crucial role your boiler plays in your home. It’s not only a source of heat but also provides hot water, making it a vital appliance for your comfort and convenience.

Despite seeming to function well, there’s a chance your boiler could be running less efficiently than it should. This hidden inefficiency can lead to a decrease in heating performance and potentially cause longer-term problems.

To keep your boiler in prime condition and retain its efficiency, we recommend servicing it annually. Regular servicing by our experienced team at CJT Services helps in maintaining the health and efficiency of your gas boiler, ensuring it operates smoothly throughout the year.

Why Do I Need to Service My Boiler?

Servicing your boiler is a crucial aspect of home maintenance, especially when it comes to ensuring the efficiency and safety of your heating system. As specialists in gas boiler service in Belfast, we at CJT Services understand the importance of regular boiler maintenance.

Manufacturers of boilers typically advise an annual service, and we suggest scheduling this during the summer months. This timing ensures that your boiler is in optimal condition, ready to handle the demands of the colder, winter season.

The primary goal of a boiler service is to verify that your boiler and the entire heating system are operating efficiently and safely. This process requires a certified gas-safe engineer to conduct a thorough inspection. When our engineer visits, they will perform a comprehensive check of your boiler and its various functions, providing you with the peace of mind that your heating system is winter-ready.

Neglecting to service your boiler as per the manufacturer’s guidelines can have significant implications. It can affect your warranty and may even impact your home insurance. In situations where you need to make an insurance claim related to your boiler, such as in the case of a leak or flood, the service history is often a critical factor. Additionally, for landlords, there is a legal obligation under The Landlord and Tenant Act (1985) to service any gas appliances as required by the manufacturer. This legal requirement underscores the importance of regular boiler maintenance for both safety and compliance reasons.

For a gas boiler service in Belfast, you can rely on CJT Services to provide thorough, professional, and efficient service, ensuring your boiler is in top shape for any season.

What is Checked During Gas Boiler Service in Belfast?

During your boiler service, several key steps are undertaken to ensure that your boiler is functioning safely and efficiently. Here’s what you can expect:

1.Gas Safe ID Verification: The engineer should present their Gas Safe ID card upon arrival. Always check both the front and back of the card to verify their credentials.

2. Risk Assessment of Work Area: The engineer will assess the area around the boiler to ensure it’s safe to work in, removing any obstructions or breakables. It’s helpful to clear the area of breakables beforehand.

3. Initial Consultation and Fault Check: The engineers will ask about any issues you’ve experienced with the boiler over the past year and check for any fault codes displayed on the appliance. Note that if the boiler is not in good working order, a regular service might not be possible, potentially leading to an additional call-out fee.

4. Visual Inspection and Annual Checks: The service commences with a thorough visual inspection, followed by the specific checks required for an annual boiler service.

5. Operational Verification: After completing the checks, the engineer will ensure the boiler is operating correctly and reset all controls to their original settings.

6. Clean-up of Work Area: The engineer will tidy up the work area, leaving it clean and making sure to remove all debris and tools.

7. Final Consultation: To conclude the service, the engineer will ensure your satisfaction with the work and address any questions you might have about the service or your boiler.

These steps aim to offer a comprehensive service, ensuring your boiler’s safety and efficiency, and giving you peace of mind.

Checks You Can Do

Although only a Gas Safe Registered engineer should work on gas appliances, including boilers, there are several simple steps you can take throughout the year to ensure your boiler runs efficiently.

  • Bleeding Radiators: This is a crucial task that can enhance the warmth and efficiency of your heating system. Bleeding radiators helps release any trapped air, ensuring that your rooms are heated evenly. For guidance on how to bleed your radiators, you can refer to helpful online guides.
  • Monitoring Boiler Pressure: For those with combi or system boilers, keeping an eye on the boiler pressure is essential. These boilers typically have a pressure gauge on the front and generally operate best at around 1 bar of pressure. If you notice the pressure dropping below 1 bar, it’s usually a straightforward process to repressurise the system yourself. Detailed instructions for this can be found in user manuals or online resources.

By regularly performing these checks, you can help maintain the efficiency of your boiler and potentially identify any issues before they become major problems. Remember, for any work beyond these basic checks, always consult a Gas Safe Registered engineer for a gas boiler service in Belfast.

CJT Services is proud to be a GAS SAFE registered business, a testament to our commitment to safety and quality in the field of gas services. Our registration signifies that we have undergone thorough inspections to confirm that every engineer on our team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to provide a wide array of gas-related services. This accreditation is part of our ongoing dedication to delivering reliable, professional, and safe services to our clients.